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Blogspace - minimalistic blogging mobile app

I am Mislav and I'm coming from Croatia - a small beautiful country located by Adriatic sea in eastern Europe. As a kid, I was always near computers and was interested in apps and software development. Since then I have made a lot of apps which were available for Android and iOS platforms. Today I am presenting you my new app, Blogspace.

I have got tired of Instagram, Facebook and similar social platforms where ads are everywhere. Basically, all posts on those social platforms are ads which are put in front of my eyes without wanting it. I wanted to create open space where anyone can share their stories or write about things they like without being bombarded with boring repetative advertising content. The app is following minimalist design concept, I wanted to make content and social interactions in the focus of this app. It was partly inspired by bearblog.

The app is currently available just for Android phones but it is ready to be published for iOS also, I am just waiting Apple to approve my developer account.

You can find it on Google Play Store.

My next blog post will probably be about upcoming Blogspace features. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact me, I would like to hear your opinion on this app.

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