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Blogspace - iOS support and posts sharing

Hello guys,

I have been busy last month but I have found a time to work on the new version of the Blogspace app. The new version is now released and I wanted to update you about the new features that are introduced.

If you didn't read about the Blogspace app already, it was my first post here and you can read it on the following link.

Blogspace is now available for both Android and iOS platforms (yey!). To download the app on your phone, you can search "Blogspace" on the Google Play Store, App Store or you can press the links here.

Another feature that is released in the new version is the Share button. By pressing the Share button on the blog post screen, you will be provided with the dynamic link which you can use to share the post with your friends. The link will redirect them directly to the blog post if they have an app instaled. If the don't, the link will redirect them to the Store to download the app.

Also, the new version includes privacy features. From now you can block other users or hide abusive content.

Support the app with the 5 stars on the store :)

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